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30 Days to Achieve Full

Ejaculation Control

Let me tell you now something really amazing. This can change your whole view on the relationships with women.

This can also be the most interesting and exciting information you have ever read.

Basically, you have been cheated since childhood.
Yes, you have been cheated by your family, friends, colleagues, media, films and books.

This is all about women and relationships with them. This is all about why they desire men and what kind of men they want. Why do women leave, who they are staying with and who they finally choose.

Women need orgasm.

But it cannot be a regular one, they need vagina orgasm. It is 10 times stronger than the clitoris one.


You can ask, so what?

If you do not give it to a woman, then it is not import ant if

- you are rich
- you are handsome
- you are inteligent
- you are charming
- you have a beautiful voice

She will find some other guy, who will give her orgasm.
You will not even know about that. Maybe you will learn about it, when she leaves. And maybe after many years she will tell you
That she cheated on you.

The average intercourse lass 3-10 minutes.

During that time, a women not even gets aroused, and you are already finished.

This is not your fault. Every man experienced ‘an accident’ with a women, and 80% experiences it all the times.

Think, however, how would you feel if just before the ‘final moment’, a woman would leave your bed saying that she has already finished?

¾ women do not experience orgasm. All over the world. These are millions of unsatisfied women.

You have not been told this either:

‘Women love man who can do it often and long.’

You can assume, that tere are dozens of years of sex ahead of you, thousands of intercourses.
If you do not learn how to prolong your sexual intercourse, and how to make it last for dozens of minutes, then you will pass a sentence on yourself of being insecure that she can find someone else. Or she will not go back to the one that she used to be with.


  • As I have just finished the course, I would like to share my opinion:
    Well….at first, I could not really believe that this works, however, as I like new experiences, so I bought this training programme. Even after the first days and first e-mails, it was quite difficult be trust this method. However, after about 1.5 weeks I notice a significant improvement in the PC muscle ‘activity’.
    After approximately 25 days I had the first orgasm without ejaculation. What did I feel? Well, I felt great surprise. I, an average guy achieved something that amazing. It gave me strength for further action. Still, I cannot say anything how it works while being with a woman.
    It is obvious, however, that there is some work to do, but now, I would like to thank Brunet for these 30 days.
    ps: What surprised me quite nicely, is mostly the fact that Brunet always replies to asked questions.
    Once again, many thanks Brunet.


Do you realise that women talk about their men?

What they are like in bed, how long they can do it and what they do, whether they satisfy them.
You do not believe it? Ask your friends.

You can be like an adult film star and have sex as long as you desire.

I have been teaching this technique since 2008 at the ‘Enlightened Lover’ courses. I have taught 647 men how to do it. In 2009 I was invited to participate as a tantra trainer in a film production ‘Seducers’. I have been trained by the most famous sexual tantra gurus.

This knowledge, that I am passing to you, comes from a centuries-long tantra tradition. The technique was taught already in Ancient China. This knowledge was reserved only for the emperor and his court. It was a secret. It still is. 99.99% of men do not know it.

You can also learn it. You do not need to go to the other end of the world and spend fortune on the training. However, you can go through the whole training at home.

  • As Jarek noted:

    Hey Brunet,

    Yesterday evening, I finished the V.I.P. 30 training programme…and it really works!!! I can stop ejaculation using the PC muscles. This is a complete take-off. I would never thought that these things may happen to my body.
    A month ago, when I ordered this programme, I have to tell you, that I was really sceptical about it and I had more doubts than trust that it can actually work. But, the moment I received the first instruction something broke inside of me and I told myself, that I will DO IT!

    Probably because until now I have been a sex sprinter. What is more, I did not do it very often. For 30 days I tried to get up some 30 minutes earlier (the exercises took me a bit more time that you noted) and I do not live alone, so sometimes doing the exercises as instructed was not convenient, but I managed (I only missed 4 days of training).

    My first trial of controlling orgasm without ejaculation was on the 20th day. I remember that I clenched the muscles so much that I did not have an orgasm at all (I even got a bit worried because I did not know what was going on), and you did not mention this in your programme. I thought is was too early and I decided to try after a few days.

    This time, the orgasm was much stronger and I clenched the vas deferens as hard as I could. The following trial was without clenching the vas deference and that was a success. And that was 4 days before the end of the programme. Now, it is time to continue my work to maintain the effect and practice .




It is not important how old you are, but your willingess.

If you can devote 30 days then I can teach you how to have sex as long as you want.
This will completely change your way of talking and spending time with women.

When you have gained this knowledge, you will gain not only more sex but you will satisfy your partner without any problems.


  • I have been exercising the great thrust since September but only now I associated it also with sports. For the last few years I have been practicing shooting sports but I have never heard of anything that exceptional.
    Recently, I was ill, so I tried to do the great thrust more often. Despite being ill I had to participate in my shooting training as this was the last day of my shooting test. I got the pistol, took my position and I did trial shots. It was a disaster. Then, a thought came to try doing the great thrust and direct the energy from my head to my hands. I was in shock…I had never had such a stable hand. I replaced the trial target to the tested one. The first 10 shots and I made it, my life record. The other shots were not worse either. I finished my tests 30 minutes before the time limit with an exceptionally high score – approximately 580/600 points. I had tried many ways to improve my scores: a bit of alcohol, valerian or relaxing music. And now I know that I do not need any stimulants.
    Aditionally, I do ASG (Air Soft Gun, sort of paintball). During my training, whenever I can find a bit of time, I do the great thrust. I always carry full of equipment (my rifle weighs 8-9kg). Comparing to my friends, I am a peewee and after 5-6 hours of running around with 20-25kg additional weight, I would continue running around while my friends dream of rest.




You will win great self-confidence.


Every time when you talk to any woman, you will know that you can do something that 99.99% of man have no idea about. You know that in bed she will scream and wriggle with pleasure.

Yes, it demands some work, it requires 30-45 minutes of practice per 30 days.
A girl, that I met on Saturday, wrote to me a few hours later:
‘Oh Jacek, I still have creeps, and I feel so good inside’.

Do you wish to experience the same?

However, there is one more thing that may sound unbelievable. I did not believe it when I first heard about it.
Until I learned that this is what tantrics have



Orgasm without ejaculation


Even a greater surprise may be the fact that you can also learn it.
Before, however, I am going to tell you how, first, let me give you the reply to a question: what for?

You can always have what you have now, orgasm, ejaculation and the word looks normal.

During his life, an average man loses approximately 15 litres of sperm. Imagine two full buckets of sperm. These are all your potential children. In one dose of sperm there are
about 200-500 mln of vivid and vibrating sperm cells.
With this amount of sperm you could make some milliard children during your lifetime.

You know better how you feel after ejaculation. You have no energy and there is little you wish to do that moment. Most man simply fall asleep.

When you lose your energy in this way you also lose all your vigour. After having an orgasm your body needs to produce a new portion of sperm. It takes some 30-40% of your life energy. This needs to be a perfect product, because this is the basis of the new life. Your body does not know whether this sperm is going to impregnate a woman or whether it is going to end up on a bathroom wall.



This is why you are of no use after ejaculating.


This is when you are attacked by viruses and illnesses.

This is why, when you get old, you will have health problems as every average guy.

Try to imagine what would happen if you did not lose this energy?

Here, a very good ex ample is Kubica’s accident. Everyone around is wondering when he is going to get well.

Please note, that it has been scientifically proved that tantrics heal much more quickly. They almost never fall ill. I have not been ill since 2006, apart from having a tiny cold several times.

This is because tantrics use the life energy to regenerate their bodies. Wounds heal quicker, illnesses last shorter or are completely eliminated.

But, not to make it that perfect, this techique cannot be done just like that..

You need certain exercises of lower parts of pelvis and some mind practice.

You can learn it In 3 weeks.

The practice of your mind last much longer, but its result is clearer thinking. I am not only writing it basing on my own example. You can read on-line about people like me.

More and more pe ople are interested in how tantra works.

  • I have done the 30-day Ejaculation Control course. Until the 15th day of training I still was quite sceptical. Let me put it this way, after the first orgasm without ejaculation, I felt as if I won a lottery ticket. It changed not only my sexual but also everyday life. As a student I was always stuffing myself with coffee, redbulls, Yerba mate and other stimulants. Now, slowly, I get rid of them because I feel a true flow of the energy. Believe me or not, but it WORKS!!

You should know, that when you separate orgasm from ejaculation, interesting things will start to happen.

First, you will be bale to make love as long as you can.
When you have orgasm, there will be not even a drop of sperm. Thanks to that you will have power to continue. Due to special mind exercises, you will be able to accumulate sperm in your body, so you can use it whenever you need more power.


You will know how to transform the sexual energy
into the life energy.



You can start practicing your PC muscles right now. These are the muscles that are responsible for stopping urine. If you do not know which ones are these, then imagine that you suddenly wish to pee in a public place.
Which muscles do you clench?

I will suggest you an easy exercise to strengthen them: when you urinate, do not do it at once. Divide it into 10 portions. Urinate and then stop for a second and repeat that 10 times. You can do it regularly. You should see the difference in two weeks.


This will bring results. However, let me suggest something really fantastic.

A 30-day training of ejaculation control.

Every day for 30 days, you will be receiving an e-mail with instructions. They will include information on what to do, what to eat, how to practice or what to think about it.



These exercises will take 30-45 minutes maximum per day.

Why do you need this course?
So you do not need to worry that you finish to soon.


no frustrations and blunders with women
increased self-esteem
increased self-confidence, that you can always have sex as long as you want
full ejaculation control
gaining a strong erection
improved blood circulation around your penis, therefore better erection
increased sexual efficiency
if you wish to control ejaculation only, and you want to have a regular one then it will be much stronger

having multiple orgasms, only because you can have sex as long as you want. Only your body efficiency is your limit.

Some of my clients mention that their penis got thicker. You do not need to believe in it. This is just a curiosity.


After a month of exercises you should have, as my course participants have had so far, a full control of ejaculation.

You will have sex as long as you want.

You Can Have Orgasm Without Ejaculation. Only If You Want To.


The cost is 3 $ per day, for 30 days and the result is


This is the cost of one yoghurt or a bust ticket

The efects are up to you, whether you want to train every day.

Its Olny 97

You are 100% anonymous.

P.S. A limited number of places. Enrolment may be closed today.

„100% satisfaction guaranteed”

You are guaranteed satisfaction. If you somehow did not achieve the desired effect, please do not hesitate to contact me. Then, we will discuss what you did or did not do and I will direct you so you will gain the full control of ejaculation.

You do not risk anything. If you tell me that after 30 days there is no effect, then I will give you all your money back.
So , you can check now, whether it is really possible, with no financial consequences.



P.S. If you order the training programme today, you will be registered within a few minutes. You will also receive the first lesson. In case of some PayPal, credit card payments from abroad or through the post office, this can last a bit longer (2-3 days) owing to circumstances beyond my control.

P.S. These techiques are based on tantric training. Tantra has centuries-long tradition, so these methods are certain and have been tested for hundreds of years.
These are easy techniques, everyone can do them. Thanks to them, you can have sex even all night and have a multiple orgasm. This gives you self-confidence, because only a few women had a contact with such a man. You can give her experiences that she has never had and make her scream out of pleasure. Some time ago, neither I could do it. I had to learn it. Everyone can.

P.P.P.S. If you have any questions please write to the following e-mail: info(at)gushcontrol.com . I will reply very quickly to your enquiries.




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